Changing Focus


This tee reminds us to unplug and play!

I’m still here!  Ha. I’ve been pushing my second Etsy shop and accompanying parenting group focused on raising resilient kids, all under the name Funnermother.  To sign up for my free weekly E-zine about building resilient kids to make parenting more fun, click here.  Or to buy the t=shirt pictured at right, click on it.

I’m also working to raise Funnermother’s public profile.  In that  vein, one very exciting thing happened this winter!

I submitted one of Running Mate’s tee shirt ideas, and it was accepted to be included in gift bags for an after party at the GRAMMY Awards! I’m unduly awed by star power, so it’s pretty thrilling.  The tee is pictured below.

Devil music

Many artists were charged with dangerous cultural powers: early blues artists like Robert Johnson, Jerry Lee Lewis, the great borrower Elvis Presley, Kiss, Marilyn Manson, and so on. Sometimes whole genres of music scared people: early blues and rock, goth, rap, hiphop, metal, and beyond.


Shirts were gifted to the Goo Goo Dolls, Cage the Elephant, Timyra Joi from the Voice, Billy Ray Cyrus, Wanz, and lots more.  If you see one out and about, I’d love to know!

That shirt is also available in the shop, just click the pic.


Thanks for keeping up with me!



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Susan gets a grip


Gorgeous serene fine art photos:

Susan was stunned to have met her mother.

After all these years!

And it turned out she knew her mother

and found her abrasive.

Susan put her mind to a clean-out and tried to understand.

She scrubbed furiously.


A lovely single-item shop:

Vesta was her mother.

She hung the bedding on the line.

Snobby Vesta.

White Vesta.

high modern photographs

Vintage modern photography:






Susan was light brown.

But a white mother?

She bundled up the baby and went to the A&P, shopping yet lost in her thoughts. She put away the groceries, laundry, toys, mail, and was grateful for bedtime at last.


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Velma organizes it all

library zine

A truly amazing shop of paper treasures:





Velma had had enough drama.



Time to get back to the library.



Wonderful, whimsical illustrations:






Where all questions had answers.


All things had a place.



Gorgeous fine art photography:



She would call Vesta at break to see how it went with her new family.

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Vesta meets her daughter




Vesta stared out the window.










Susan made tea in the little kitchen.

It was so uncomfortable.


pumpkin bib

Cute embroidered baby items:

The baby woke up.

“My God, I have a grandchild!”

Vesta went to the crib.


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Fall crept through the country.

Traveling with winter dread.






Scarlett needed a trip to the city.



city fine art

Urban fine art paintings:



She packed a favorite dress

and told Auntie

to expect her at the townhouse.


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Susan prepares




The table was set.

She’d said she had some news.


Susan looked for Velma.



The baby crawled in the grass nearby.


retro baby clothes

The most beautiful retro baby clothes ever:






After this picnic everything would be changed.


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Velma blushes


Gorgeous sea-inspired luxuries:

Sweet friend had decorated.

“I don’t know when

your birthday is!”

She handed Velma a gift.

Velma opened it hotfaced.

“You taught me that a woman’s home is her castle.”

happy illustrations

Happy-making illustrations:




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Vesta’s past

women's fashion

Wow! Stylish handmade women’s clothes:

She didn’t know what to expect.

She wore her power suit.

In it, she was unflappable.


Gorgeous abstract landscapes, too!

His face held 25 years of emotion.

Susan was his last, best gift from Vesta.

Love sustained.

Vesta wept.


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Scarlett and the boy

He was very good to her.

It was his birthday.


Clutches, wallets, purses, all extraordinary:









Jewelry and sweet handmade cards:


She got her gifts together


tucked cash in the card.


Scarlett took care of her service providers.

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Susan euphoric

Feed, change,

nap, wake,

play, feed,

walk, change,

nap, feed…


Pinup, rockabilly, steampunk designs:





Years as a dancer, working on the road.

Now this.



So happy!

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