Susan gets a grip


Gorgeous serene fine art photos:

Susan was stunned to have met her mother.

After all these years!

And it turned out she knew her mother

and found her abrasive.

Susan put her mind to a clean-out and tried to understand.

She scrubbed furiously.


A lovely single-item shop:

Vesta was her mother.

She hung the bedding on the line.

Snobby Vesta.

White Vesta.

high modern photographs

Vintage modern photography:






Susan was light brown.

But a white mother?

She bundled up the baby and went to the A&P, shopping yet lost in her thoughts. She put away the groceries, laundry, toys, mail, and was grateful for bedtime at last.


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About angelleighdesigns I'm a full time maker/writer & mom of two little kids, knitting during our commutes across Pittsburgh's beautiful bridges. I'm also a cynic and deplore those ads for showing your individualism by purchasing mass produced furniture, clothes, accessories, whatever. Individuality cannot be expressed through mass produced objects. It is a structural impossibility. Shopping at department stores I have five choices. Working with a seamstress or artist on a handmade wardrobe, I have a world of choices. Handmade is freedom. I post weekly. My New England mom calls me Angel Leigh in a fake southern accent when she's playing around, and hearing it makes me smile.
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8 Responses to Susan gets a grip

  1. Patrice Dunckley says:

    What a lovely presentation of lovely things! Now I will need to catch up from the beginning so I can follow the story…and I am looking forward to it.

  2. Wendi Kelly says:

    Intriguing! I gather I stepped into the middle of a story! Feels like walking into someone’s conversation and not knowing what is happening! It will be fun learning more.!

    • Hi Wendi, and yes, the handmade selections I highlight are held together by a serial narrative — hopefully I’m introducing new folks to the handmade community! Thank you for reading! xx Angela

  3. Angela LOVE how you’re using compelling creative story to showcase your goods. Can’t wait for the next installment. xoxo

    • Thank you, Elaine! They are actually others’ goods, lovely items from Etsy. I’m trying to bring new folks into the handmade community. I really have a good time with both the text and the items. Mine only make an occasional appearance, but I’ve made some great things happen here. Thanks for stopping by! x a

  4. So this is what happens, when you let your genius lead you! Oh, I like it!!

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