Vesta meets her daughter




Vesta stared out the window.










Susan made tea in the little kitchen.

It was so uncomfortable.


pumpkin bib

Cute embroidered baby items:

The baby woke up.

“My God, I have a grandchild!”

Vesta went to the crib.


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About angelleighdesigns I'm a full time maker/writer & mom of two little kids, knitting during our commutes across Pittsburgh's beautiful bridges. I'm also a cynic and deplore those ads for showing your individualism by purchasing mass produced furniture, clothes, accessories, whatever. Individuality cannot be expressed through mass produced objects. It is a structural impossibility. Shopping at department stores I have five choices. Working with a seamstress or artist on a handmade wardrobe, I have a world of choices. Handmade is freedom. I post weekly. My New England mom calls me Angel Leigh in a fake southern accent when she's playing around, and hearing it makes me smile.
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2 Responses to Vesta meets her daughter

  1. Angela, it’s amazing how much can be said in just a few words. It made me want to know so much more about these two women!

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